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Math Beasts Camp 3

Summer Mathematics
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All times Eastern.

Mon - Fri
9:00 – Noon
July 8 – July 19
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This summer program is designed for students who will be in a third grade math class in the fall. Students who have just completed our Math Level 2 course are ready for Math Beasts Camp 3. (Students are not required to take AoPS Academy academic year courses prior to enrolling in AoPS Academy summer programs.)

Each day of Math Beasts Camp 3 consists of a Problem Solving component and a Mathematical Exploration component. The Problem Solving component focuses on logical thinking while providing a review of key math concepts. These lessons include topics that students typically need more time to intellectually digest: symmetry, mathematical operations, expressions and equations, and mathematical logic. Some goals of the course are for students to improve their number sense, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking skills in a collaborative, hands-on learning environment. Students will also participate in a variety of math-related games and engage with a wide range of mathematical puzzles.

Our Mathematical Explorations are designed to introduce topics that most students don't encounter until much later in their schooling, and to equip students with general mathematical strategies that will be useful throughout their education. The Mathematical Explorations in Math Beasts Camp 3 follow the common thread of geometric sense and inspire geometric discovery. By way of direct interaction with interesting shapes like knots and tilings, students develop spatial thinking skills and intuition for symmetry.


This two-week course meets Monday through Friday for three hours each day.

Space is very limited for our summer programs. Please do not wait until the last minute to enroll. If there are more than two weeks before the course starts, a $200 deposit will be due when enrolling, with the balance due two weeks before the course begins.

Our family regularly talks about AoPS. We try to think about how our life would be different without you all. What if my daughter hadn't learned to love math? What if she never experienced being pushed to her limits? Overcoming failure? She wouldn't be who she is. And she is AWESOME! A very proud mom here. We are so fortunate that we found AoPS Academy. I credit AoPS for much of her confidence.

Kelly B.,

AoPS Academy parent to 16-year-old engineering major at UW and future cancer researcher